Everyones favourite…Facebook

200,000 new people sign up to Facebook each week, no wonder it’s so popular! More than 3/4 of the worlds population are Facebook users which shows just how alluring this site actually is. It’s a great way to keep in contact with friends and family whether they are close by or in a different country and it helps you get a closer insight on peoples lives. Is this a good thing? Or is this just another issue with todays generation?

I must admit I am an avid user of Facebook even though I know it is actually a pointless and dangerous network. I don’t think people understand the whole “stranger danger” thing especially when it comes to the social network. Anyone can contact you through personal message and hopefully people have enough common sense to not reply to them if they are certain they have no connection with them but, unfortunately, some people tend to reply back in hopes they can start some kind of relationship with them. Does the term “cat-fishing” ring any bells? Yes, that’s right, people pretend to be someone else to draw you in and take you for granted and for all you know they could be a very dangerous person. Also, if the settings are not more secure then anyone can spend time stalking your profile without your knowledge and stealing your pictures so they can recreate your profile as a type of “hacking” procedure.

Have you also noticed the change in society since the site launched? I know I certainly have. Remember the old days when people used to use that more old-fashion way of communicating, yeah you know the one – what’s that called again, oh yeah… talking! We have become accustomed to speaking through a screen when we could be writing letters, talking on the phone or talking face to face – no wonder social anxiety is on the rise! People tend to be more out-spoken online which makes them feel more comfortable hiding behind a screen as they can share their opinion and hope that others think the same as them. I know everyone has the freedom of speech but some things are better left unsaid.

Now that Facebook is a worldwide favourite there has been a dramatic decrease in people enjoying the outdoors. Everyone is too busy updating their status or chatting to friends that they forget there is such thing as the “outside world“. I think I would rather get back in touch with nature and explore the new and developing features of the world. New and exciting things are always appearing without us noticing but it’s these new things that are turning nature into something amazing. Come back to reality people!

In fact, look out of your window… what do you see? I can guarantee that you can see building after building with a few trees and bushes, right? Now think about what is beyond it all. There is something out there that you do not know of because you are cooped up in your home but that can all change. Why not shut down that laptop, turn off that mobile and go for a long walk that is clearly well over-due. Don’t be drawn in by the temptations of the social networks and don’t become an internet zombie!

My motto:
“If you are able to dream it, then you are able to achieve it. You only have this one life so live it well and choose wisely!”


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